Training Times  for the 2021 Season

Your team manager will advise of any fixture or training day changes.

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Year 3       5-6pm  
Year 4   5.30-6.30pm      
Year 5 White     5-6pm    
Year 5 Blue   4:30-5:30pm      
Year 6       5-6pm  
Year 7 White     4-5:30pm   4:30-5:30pm
Year 7 Blue     4-5:30pm   4:30-5:30pm
Year 8   4:30-6pm   4:30-6pm  
Year 9   4:30-6pm   4:30-6pm  
Year 10     4:30-6pm   4:30-5:30pm
U 18’s   4:30-6pm   4:30-6pm  
Year 3/4 Girls 4-5pm        
Year 5/6 Girls     4-5PM    
Year 7/8 Girls 5:30-6:30pm   5:30-7pm    
Girls Year 9/10 4:30-6pm   4:30-6pm    
Girls Year 11/12 6-7pm   6-7pm    

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