Nominations are now open for the High Wycombe Junior Football Club Junior and Senior Club Person of the Year for the 2021 season.

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Who can be nominated??

Any Volunteer you think deserves credit and recognition for what they have done at the club in the 2021 season (ie, your coach, a parent/spectator who has helped out each week, a committee person who you believe has done a great job, a junior person who has helped your team out etc) Senior Club Person is any volunteer that is over 18, while the Junior Club Person must be under 18.

When do the nominations have to be in by?

Nominations close Sunday, 5th September 2021.

What happens if I nominate some-one?

If you decide to nominate some-one it is essential that you describe on the nomination form exactly why you think the person deserves to be awarded Club Person of the Year.

All nominations received by the cut off date, 5th September 2021, will read out at the September General Meeting (Monday, 6th September). Once all nominations have been read out, Club members vote in a secret ballet,  voting on two Senior and one Junior Person of the Year. 
Mr Ian Foss, HWJFC Life Member, then tallies the votes and organises the appropriate trophies, which are presented at our Youth Windup in October to the worthy recipients.

How do I nominate?

Nominations can be done both electronically and by ballot, and are completely anonymous.

The link to the electronic nomination is on the High Wycombe Facebook Page, will be emailed to all members and is below.
The ballot box is on the verandah, near the canteen at the clubrooms.

When is the meeting that we vote?

All nominations will be read out and voted on at the September General Meeting, Monday, 6th September 2021.

How do I nominate a person for Life Membership?

To nominate a member for Life Membership, the person has to have been a member of the HWJFC for a minimum of five years, and been seen to have rendered meritorious service to the High Wycombe Junior Football Club.
You can nominate a member detailing the reasons for your nomination (giving specific examples where possible).
The confidential submission will be discussed and if approved by the Executive Committee, will be presented at the Youth Windup in October.
Please note: Life Membership is subject to meeting criteria. For more information please discuss with an HWJFC Executive Committee member; Greg (President), Sam (Secretary), Chris (Vice – President), David (Football Manager) or Sean (Treasurer).

Nomination Form click to complete Online