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HWJFC Auskick Girls Shine at Steel Blue Oval

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On Sunday 25 May, eight players from the HWJFC Auskick Girls Team had the opportunity to play on Steel Blue Oval during the half time break of the Swans District versus South Fremantle Womens League game. It was scheduled to be a grid game against another Auskick club however, this other team pulled out at the eleventh hour. Nevertheless, our girls would not be undeterred so a scratch match was organised against some of the Swans District Womens League Reserves.

Before the game, the girls and their families had the opportunity to have a guided tour of the Swans District facilities. This gave the girls a chance to see the Lecture Room, Showers, Ice Bins, Locker Room, Massage and Physio Room and the Warm Up Room. The girls took advantage of this final room to prepare for their half time game. They were taken through a series of warm up activities before practising their handballing and kicking skills.

It was then time to run down the race and onto the oval for the game. The Swans District Womens League Players formed a guard of honour for our girls, encouraging them and giving them high fives as they passed, and the whole crowd cheered – a very exciting moment for the girls!

The girls matched up on the Reserves players and got down to the business of football. Our girls had certainly come to play as they wasted no time in moving the ball by hand and foot towards the goals. This set the course for the game, as our girls shared it around and applied the pressure on the score board. All the girls did the Bulldogs proud as they played out the rest of game.

To finish, the Bulldogs girls returned the favour and formed a guard of honour for the Swans District Women League players as they re-entered the ground for the second half of their game. The girls each received a Swans District bag filled with some great club merchandise for their participation in the day.

Thanks to the Swans District Football Club and specifically to Chelsea Randall (Development Officer) and Allana Dickie (Female Football Coordinator) for their organisation of this event. Our girls really appreciated being looked after by the Swans Districts Women players throughout the afternoon. Thanks also to Samantha Calderwood for giving our Auskick girls such a great opportunity.

It was a great chance for our Auskickers to see how the big girls play and be inspired by their love of football. Perhaps some of our Bulldogs girls will play in the Womens League one day!

Dion Farr, HWJFC Auskick Parent